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Joanna Foreman -Author | The Know-it-all Girl

My memoir, "The Know-it-all Girl" has been published by Hydra Publications.

It's listed as the very first book in: A Gallery of Joanna's Writing.

A Gallery of my writing which has been published in various publications can be found under that tab, as well.

ABOUT MY WRITING: It's my goal to write everyday. Some days just a little, others...well, it's dinnertime before I even realize I've been in front of the computer all day long! I've put one main project on my front burner, and few on the back burners. My current work-in-progress is River Walk Chameleon, a novel with a sinister mystery, a kidnapping, and a touch of romance. It's about a young widow who visits her husband's grave to talk about the important things in life that he never had time for when he was alive. It's set on the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas. The beautiful river photograph above at the top, left, is a shot I took of the Arneson Theater, the location of a fictional kidnapping. (Some people have asked me if that is my home. I only wish!) To read more about the story and keep up with my progress, click on the two CRUISE TICKETS (above left)  and you will be magically transported to the beautiful San Antonio River Walk.

GHOST STORIES: If you're curious about my collection of ghost stories, click here


PET PEEVES: We all have Pet Peeves but not everybody has the chance to air them to the public. Go ahead and take a peek. If anything I say offends you, you might want to leave this website and never come back. But I've a better idea: Voice your own opinion by sending me an email through the "Contact Joanna" tab at the left. I've always answered my emails and I don't intend to stop now!

I promise the contents of my scribblings contain 100% truth with no embellishment.* I will blow my own horn, and I just might *exaggerate a little, but I won’t lie to you. In fact, I've been brutally honest, and hopefully you’ll feel you know me a little better once you've visited. So come on in and make yourself at home!



Joanna Foreman | Author

Joanna Foreman | Author | The Know-it-all Girl | Ghostly Hauntings of Interstate 65 | Paranormal Dreams-Lady of the Wigwam | Spellbound 2011-Ghost Taxi | Warm Christmas Wishes-Vicarious Christmas

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